VAMPAMID™ 66 3028 V0 HF: a new UL yellow paper certification

VAMPAMID™ 66 3028 V0 HF: a new UL yellow paper certification

VAMP TECH expands certifications of their VAMPAMID ™ 66 3028 V0 HF, compound based on polyamide 66 reinforced with 30% glass fibre and flame retardant with an innovative system of halogen-free additives.

The material is UL certified yellow paper and it has excellent fire resistance properties (V0 at 0.4mm and 5VA 1.5mm), GWFI 960 ° C and GWIT 775 ° C (both up to 0.4mm thick). It has good mechanical characteristics, excellent aesthetics, and high fluidity which makes it easy to process.

VAMPAMID ™ 66 3028 V0 HF also has several approvals under the European rail transport standard EN4554-2: 2015. It is certified HL3 for R22 / R23, HL2 for R7, HL1 for R6 and R1.

Therefore, it is an excellent technical solution for the construction of components in many sectors: from household appliances to electricity, to public transport and E-mobility.

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