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VAMP TECH was founded in November 1988 inspired by the concept of developing a strong expertise on flame retardant formulations, developed on various polymer bases.

Year after year the company specialized on technical compounds with the ambition to meet the demand of the market for high-tech materials. The product range was progressively expanded to many polymeric bases: PS, ABS, PP, POM, PBT, PA6, PA66, PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, PSU, PEEK, alloys and sustainable products. In the meantime more than 100 UL certifications were achieved.

VAMP TECH, is becoming more and more a reference for flame retarded and high-tech compounds and is showing a strong capacity in innovation which is growing together with the plants efficiency and quality of products.

Today the VAMP TECH product range includes, in addition to flame retarded compounds, which are the core business of the company, the following high performance product families:

  1. Metal Replacement (PA66, PPA)
  2. High Temperature (PPS, PPA and PEEK)
  3. Semi-conductive and antistatic + UL94-V0 (with carbon fibers, carbon nanotubes and polar polymers in flame retarded materials)
  4. Self-Lubricated + UL94-V0 (with silicone, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide and aramid fiber in flame retarded materials)

The applications of VAMP TECH compounds are typically injection molding and extrusion of products addressed to several industrial sectors, such as household appliances, electrical and electronics, automotive, furniture, public building, sport & leisure.

In addition to the quality of products VAMP TECH is today recognized in the market for the high level of service offered to the customers by providing skilled technicians, constantly updated on new norms and regulations, which give support both in the selection of the materials and during the injection molding or extrusion of sampled products.

In addition to the production of specialties, VAMP TECH has a strong market presence in the distribution of engineering thermoplastics cooperating with prestigious companies such as Celanese, Double Elephant, Trinseo and Premix. Moreover with some of these partners Vamp Tech developed a strong technical partnership.

VAMP TECH has a commercial organization which allows to manage sales and technical support in all the continents with warehouses located throughout Europe and Asia.

All this allows VAMP TECH to offer to the customers a complete range of high performance compounds and to give proper solution to any technical and commercial requirement.



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