VampGreen™ UL Yellow Card

VampGreen™ UL Yellow Card

VAMP TECH announced the yellow card of VAMPGREEN ™ P 00U RC V0 28, the first yellow card of the Italian company concerning the family of flame retardant materials with a sustainable polymer base.

The grade is based on a recycled, unfilled, flame retardant, halogen-free polypropylene that shows V0 rating at 1.5 mm thickness.

The increasingly attention to environmental sensitivity by the people is leading various producers of articles to increase the consumption of recycled plastic materials (both pre-consumer and post-consumer) or coming from non-petroleum sources. Given these reasons VAMP TECH has developed its own family of VAMPGREEN ™ products, in which it has applied its long experience in the production of flame retardant compounds to formulate solutions based on recycled or sustainable source polymers.

The selection of reliable and traceable sources is certainly one of the fundamental points of the project and it is a crucial requirement to ensure continuity in supplies, the possibility of certifying performance and guaranteeing the content of sustainable sources in the products of the VAMPGREEN ™ family.

In addition to excellent flame resistance characteristics, VAMPGREEN ™ P 00U RC V0 28 shows excellent CTI (600V) together with a high GWIT (800 ° C to 1.0 mm), ball pressure test of 135 ° C, good mechanical properties and excellent processability even on mouldings of complex figures, ensuring good dimensional stability.

Therefore, the product can find application in many markets such as in the household appliance market (reference sector for this type of material), but the requests coming from the automotive market (for high voltage connections) and from the public transportation sector (to produce seats) are increasingly persistent.

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